Accurate Pump Blox

Accurate Pump Blox were originally designed for the oil and gas industry as an inline anchor to securely and safely aid in the transfer of liquids from water storage pits such as: drill, farce, completions, production, etc., to transport trucks.

Accurate Pump Blox InstallationThe main purpose of the Pump Blox is to protect assets a company or companies may have such as pit liners, nets, hoses, transport trucks, etc. Pump Blox are available in two mediums, concrete and plastic. Both types of blocks are designed for permanent use. For quick temporary use the plastic Blox can be easily set but both the concrete and plastic are designed to be portable.

Other suggested uses for the Pump Blox are loading water trucks that are battling wild fires, loading and unloading at shipping ports, and moving into the transportation of light solids such as insulation.


Pump Blox Attributes

  • Built with 5 gallon spill containment/catch basin
  • Provide heavy anchor to attach suction hoses
  • Optional cable allows for a hoist that gives control of hose level in water
  • Minimizes amount of hose handling for user
  • Automatic drainage prevents freezing (when installed correctly)
  • Optional spill containment liner (for plastic models) protects against most petroleum based liquids


Pump Blox Advantages

Pump Blox are designed and set up to provide many advantages to the users. Here are a few of those advantages:

  • Prevents pond liner damage
  • Built in spill containment
  • Increased safety from slips, trips, and falls
  • Prevents environmental netting damage
  • Long term asset
  • Drivers have a specified Pumping Station
  • Drivers use one small section of hose
  • Allows for friendlier skimming operation
  • Keeps hose fittings from freezing to ground and above snow
  • Transportable


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